About Industry 4.0

Companies will soon be managed by a team composed of designers, software developers and operators. This team will be capable of bringing together smart robots which will work in the production and distribution processes, artificial intelligent systems which will be used in R&D and management process, as well as internet objects and smart systems. Only the companies having this organizational structure would boost their productivity and competitiveness.

These business scenarios, which were previously implemented to a limited extent, have started to be applied at a larger scale. The impacts of the digital transformation -referred to as 4th Industrial Revolution- on businesses will become an outstanding issue for companies in 2016.

Therefore, international experts and experienced top managers from the industry will convene to review the 4th Industrial Revolution and evaluate the opportunities and threats created by this movement. Industry4.0 Turkey Forum will be held in the Kadir Has University’s Cibali Campus on Thursday, May 12, 2016